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10,000 cups have already been distributed

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Act for Ganga is a social campaign that aims to restore the river Ganga from the pollution. Every day the sacred river is being worshipped and honored with Ganga Aarti. Devotees float deepams using cups on the river in memory of their ancestors and for the well-being of humanity. The cups devotees use are silver foiled paper cups, which are non-biodegradable. And hundreds of thousands of such cups end up at the riverbed, causing a threat to Ganga’s ecosystem.

Replacing the silver foiled paper cups with those that are environmental-friendly would be the way forward. Act for Ganga works steadfastly to reduce the usage of the non-biodegradable paper cups by replacing them with areca palm leaf cups that are not only safe for Ganga but also sustain life below water. Act for Ganga is working on the long-term goal to protect and revive river ganga by completely limiting the use of non-biodegradable cups. On the other hand, it is important to realize that Ecosystems support all life on Earth. The healthier our ecosystems are, the healthier the planet - and its people.

The objective of the campaign Act for Ganga is simple – to replace the silver foiled paper cups that are being used to float deepams on the river with cups made of areca palm leaves. With support from the volunteers and cottage industries, 10,000 cups have already been distributed along the Ghats. We still need your generous support to make this happen.

Your small contribution can help keep our sacred mother clean

Mr. Nithyanandam

Social Worker

Act for Ganga is a campaign initiated by Coimbatore-based social worker Mr. Nithyanandam, who has helped many lives through his social service. For the past 25 years, he actively focuses on afforestation, awareness campaigns for green environment, global peace and is working on the campaign to eliminate poverty and hunger by supporting Zero Hunger Challenge, launched by the United Nations. As a Swachh Bharat Ambassador, he eagerly takes sustainable measures to improve solid waste management. He was on a mission to spread awareness about yoga, and its benefits to the people by traveling more than 14,000kms across India in train. The objective of that mission is to sow the seeds to promote holistic health.

In recent times, Nithyanandam has organized a campaign called “Kasi Pasumai Yatra”, a green initiative to send coconut shells and peanut shell briquettes for burning corpses along the banks of the holy river Ganga in Kasi and to reduce deforestation. As a UN volunteer, Nithyanandam consistently strives to accomplish various Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. His hard work and continued passion for social service earned him global recognition in 2013, which led to his participation in the “United Nations Youth Conference” in the USA. From then on, he continues to take part in various civil-society conferences worldwide. The Act for Ganga initiative is a project of “Dream India Foundation” led by Mr. N. Nithyanandam to achieve the goals of the United Nation’s Decade on Ecosystem Restoration Campaign.