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The Solution

Areca palm leaf cups – a sustainable
alternative to float deepams


Act for Ganga is a public-driven initiative committed to replacing the silver foiled paper cups with areca palm leaf cups, an eco-friendly way to float deepams on Ganga. These sustainable cups coated in saltwater would become food for the fish in the river. This not only helps the river stay clean but also sustains the life inside the river. This initiative is inspired by the ‘United Nation’s Decade on Ecosystem Restoration Campaign’ that calls for the revival and protection of the natural ecosystems of our world.

1000 Days Mission

Every day approximately 10,000 deepams were floated on Ganga, and we aim to ensure all the deepams are floated with areca palm leaf cups. To achieve this, we have formulated ‘1000 Days Mission’, a fund-raising campaign to promote the manufacturing of areca palm leaf cups and use them to eliminate pollution, thereby protecting and restoring ecosystems. This campaign not only encourages the usage of sustainable cups but also supports the livelihood of people suffering from poverty in the cottage industry.

How it Works?



We raise funds through your donations to procure areca palm leaf cups from the manufacturers, who usually operate as a cottage industry.



We distribute the areca palm leaf cups to the devotees in Kasi Temple Ghats for free, encouraging the people to use these sustainable cups to perform Ganga Aarti.

Social Change

Social Change

Over a while we can completely reduce the use of silver foiled paper cups in the upcoming years and effectively promote the usage of areca palm leaf cups throughout the Ghats to revitalize Ma Ganga.


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